Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Talented Tuesday: James Edgar Wood, Cleveland Builder

James Edgar Wood, hubby's paternal grandfather, was a builder in Cleveland, Ohio. He would often build a home, move his family in as he finished the inside, and start on another home.

Once the next home was built, he'd sell the one he was living in and move to the newer home. My late father-in-law remembers living in a succession of homes as a child.

James built homes on Wood Road in Cleveland, named after him.

In photo at top left, you can just make out the sign that says "James E. Wood, Carpenter and Builder." That's him at the front gate, next to his wife, Mary Slatter Wood. I'm tracing the Slatters right now, as noted in yesterday's Military Monday posting.

Photo at bottom left probably shows two of James Edgar Wood's four sons standing in front of a house their father built, but since it's undated, we're not sure which two.


  1. I love these photos, and hearing the story of the talented person behind the houses added much.

  2. Thank you, Granny Pam, for reading and commenting! We're so lucky to have these photos.

  3. Love the photos and interesting how he moved from one house to the next. And how cool to have a street named after him. Beautiful houses and great photos.

  4. Mike, so glad you stopped by for a peek. It's wonderful to be able to share these photos, which were taken some time between 1900 to 1915. Thanks!

  5. Very talented builder from the looks of these homes. That is a kind of art all its own.

  6. Thanks for reading, Dee! I like all the little touches that make these houses individual (windows, porches, trim, etc). A few of this builder's tools have been inherited, but only a few (sigh).