Thursday, December 23, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - "Cousin Bait" Blog

Over on "West in New England," Bill West posted a message he called "What is the worth of a genealogy blog?" Some of the people who commented on Bill's post mentioned genealogy blogs they called "Cousin Bait."

That's my theme for Treasure Chest Thursday--Cousin Bait.

I'm not a professional genealogist nor is my blog intended as a scholarly recitation of my family history. The real reason to maintain my blog is, as my masthead says, "Ongoing adventures in genealogy...finding out who my ancestors were and connecting with cousins today!"

In other words, the true treasure (for me) is in connecting with cousins. Thankfully, I've been blessed with quite a treasure trove of cousins to connect with. Most recently my 2nd cousin Lois "found" me when she Googled her grandfather's name and up popped a blog post I'd written about hoping to find out his story. Her grandfather, Louis Volk, was my great-uncle by marriage to my great-aunt, Ida Mahler, and in trying to learn about them, I've now connected with her.

Cuz Lois has lots of stories to tell about this line of our family! And she's delighted to share her stories with me. Just as important, she's introducing me to my other 2nd cousins--cousins that, thanks to Lois, I'll be meeting in person in just a few months.

So I like the idea of a Cousin Bait blog because it brings me closer to my treasured family connections. Yay for Cousin Bait blogs! And here's hoping that 2011 will bring more cousins together, in your family and in mine.


  1. Hi Marian - I don't know whether or not I was actually the first to use this term (it seems like a natural description of the concept), but I used it once and afterward Randy Seaver credited me with coining it. So I still get tickled when I see it used. "Cousin bait" is exactly what I started my blog to do, and it has definitely been working well in that respect. I love that excitement about exchanging information - it's addictive!

  2. Hi Greta, Thanks so much for your comment. I'd never heard of "cousin bait" but it's a catchy phrase and like you, it's the real reason I began my genealogy blog. So happy it's working for us! Happy holidays. - Marian

  3. Finding cousins was one of the reasons I started my blog, too, Marian. And it's worked for me very well!

    Thanks for the mention!

  4. Hi Bill, So glad you stopped by and commented on "cousin bait." Your blog is always interesting, but that one entry was particularly thought-provoking.

    Here's to cousins! Happy holidays,


  5. I think I started my blogs because I enjoyed reading everyone else's blogs. That being said, I now think one of the main reasons I blog is the hope of connecting with other cousins, etc.

  6. Mavis, thanks for leaving your comment. Wishing you a new year in which you connect with cousins!

  7. I came over here to find this post.

    Love. It.

    Well done...

  8. Thanks, Dee, I really appreciate your comment!
    - Marian