Thursday, April 1, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday--Madcap Dora

This photo is marked "Dora" and others are marked "Madcap Dora, Grandma's friend." Asked about the nickname, my mother said (long ago) that madcap was an affectionate term for someone who did slightly zany things.

The only Dora I've ever been able to find in the family is Dora Mahler, my paternal grandmother's younger sister, who was just 56 when she died. Until I found Dora Mahler in the Census, I assumed that Madcap Dora was my maternal grandma's friend.

We have more than half a dozen photos of Madcap Dora. If this is Dora Mahler, she was a saleslady in a millinery shop and she never married. She does appear in a few photos with this gentleman at her side, however. Who is he? And is this Madcap Dora the same as Dora Mahler?


  1. Love this picture! They do seem like they are a couple. It would be wonderful if you knew who the gentleman was.

  2. You're so right, Lori, the man in this photo was obviously important to Madcap Dora. How I wish I had a clue to his identity! But since he's not going to be featured on "Who Do You Think You Are" this week (or any other week), he's still a mystery to me.

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  4. Lisa,

    Thank you for bestowing the Ancestor Approved award. On behalf of my ancestors, I humbly accept! It's an honor . . . and I thank you for reading and commenting.

    I'll post my Ancestor Approved "lessons learned" very soon.

    - Marian