Friday, September 5, 2008

Never Underestimate the Power of Google for Genealogy

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Last fall, a speaker at the local genealogy club suggested searching for ancestors and relatives via Google Web AND Google News. He advised searching on "Marian Wood" and "Wood, Marian."

Following his advice, I found a relative (Violet) who I think is the daughter of a great-aunt I never knew (but whose image I have on a postcard sent to my maternal grandfather).

I couldn't find Violet's current address or phone and put the search aside.

Today I Googled her again and found she had written brief memoirs that were published in a book now searchable through Google.

I checked for the phone number of that book's editor, called her, and she's going to try to help me find and connect with Violet! Maybe Google should have a "Google Genealogy" search box especially for finding people?

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