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Thursday, May 8, 2014

NGS 2014: Pennsylvania, Yearbooks, and Scotch-Irish (Again)

Day 2 of the NGS conference and my notes are getting more and more crammed with nifty websites and tips:
  • Looking for Steiners and Rineharts and Larimers in Pennsylvania . . . and I learned a lot from Kay Haviland Freilich's session. Might try the Presbyterian Historical Society, for instance, and definitely have to check out the Pennsylvania State Library and Archives (and other state archives).
  • School district records may help fill in some gaps in my research for several families, thanks to Pam Stone Eagleson's talk today. Privacy issues make this type of research a big challenge, but I'll try in Toledo, Upper Sandusky, and other Ohio communities where Wood ancestors lived. Yearbooks would be ideal so I can see what ancestors looked like!
  • Scotch-Irish research is still on my list, and Vic Dunn's session "From the Old Dominion to the Buckeye State" perfectly described the journey taken by John McClure and his wife Anna McFall McClure who left Virginia and moved to what became Adams Cty, Ohio in the early 1820s.  

Friday, April 25, 2014

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks #18: Who Else Is in John McClure's Family?

Hubby's 4th great-granddaddy was Alexander McClure (1717-1790), who sailed with his father Halbert and mother Agnes (as well as uncles, aunts, and siblings) to Philadelphia in the 1730s or so. They weren't indentured servants, so they clearly had the money to pay for their passage. The entire McClure family then walked to the Shenandoah Valley and "claimed" land. All of this is documented in the excellent, well-researched book Following the McClures-Donegal to Botetourt by Joseph W. McClure, George E. Honts III, and Ellwyn Worley.

Alexander, once he was established in the new world, married Martha Moore and had a number of children, including John McClure (1781-?). In turn, John married Ann McFall (1780-1823). The records are sketchy here, so the only one of their children I've definitely identified is hubby's 2d great-granddaddy, Benjamin McClure. (You can visit "Uncle Benjamin's" Facebook genealogy page here.)

My challenge is to see who else might have been in the family of John and Ann McClure. Despite the detailed descendant appendixes in the McClure book, no one knows what became of John and Ann. I know where they died (Adams County, OH) but I just don't know whether Benjamin had siblings. It seems very unlikely that he would be an only child in the 1800s, doesn't it?

With the National Genealogical Society's 2014 conference just around the corner, I'll have a chance to get new ideas from experts in Virginia and Ohio family research. The conference also has a few sessions on Scotch-Irish migration that will arm me with good tips and techniques for pursuing this question.