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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Honor Roll Project, Part 3: Newtown, CT, Gulf War and Civil War

In Newtown, Connecticut, the stately memorial at the head of Main Street includes plaques with names of men and women who served in our country's military over the years. As part of Heather Rojo's Honor Roll Project, I'm transcribing the names and including photos to pay tribute to these brave people.

This is Part 3 of names from Newtown. Part 1 covers those who served during the War of 1812, the Mexican War, the Spanish-American War, and the Mexican Border War. Part 2 covers those who served from 1944-1971.

Here are the names of those from Newtown who served during Desert Shield and Desert Storm, 1990-1991:

Check, Emory T. (Army)
Demand, Dana B. (Air Force)
Denslow, Alan L. (Navy)
Evans, William (Navy)
Fischer, Lawrence B. (USMC)
Godfrey, Kenneth C. (Air Force)
Gottmeier, Richard P. (Army)
Hannah, Stephen (Army)
Hayward, Brian P. (Air Force)
Knapp, Letitia Renee (Army)
Knapp, Robert D. (Army)
Kieras, Christopher (USMC)
Killing, Robert E., Jr. (USMC)
Klewicki, John E. (Army)
Leavitt, Brian (Air Force)
Leedy, Roberta C. (Army)
Mead, James g. (Navy)
Schaedler, David A. (Army)
Schmidle, Paul W. (Navy)
Schmidle, Robert E. (USMC)
Swart, John J. (Army)
Sturges, Donald (Navy)
Wade, Brian (Navy)
Waller, Darrick (USMC)
Wrinn, Johnathan (Air Force)

And here are the names of Newtowners who served during the Civil War:

Adams, James
Alldis, Frederick G.
Andress, David
Banks, Allen
Banks, Edward A.
Beers, Hawley
Beers, James M.
Benedict, Edwin
Benedict, Henry W.
Bigelow, Henry B.
Bissell, Henry
Blake, Martin
Blakeslee, George B.
Booth, Charles, Jr. 
Booth, John W.
Booth, Starr L.
Botsford, Gideon B.
Botsford, Israel C.
Bradley, George A.
Bradley, Thomas
Brewster, John H.
Brisco, Ephraim
Briscoe, Charles
Briscoe, George
Briscoe, Gustavus
Brown, George W.
Brown, Jeremiah
Brown, Jerome
Bruno, Gottfried
Bulkley, George
Burritt, Charles H.
Butcher, Charles
Camp, Daniel B.
Camp, George B.
Carley, Edward
Carmody, Michael
Casey, Barney
Cavanaugh, Michael
Chipman, Charles C.
Clark, Allen B.
Clark, Newell
Clark, Robert
Clinton, George
Coger, Henry B.
Coley, George S.
Colgan, Matthew
Conger, Charles T.
Conley, William
Connell, William
Cornell, Hiram
Cunningham, John
Curtis, Charles G.
Curtis, Jasper L.
Curtis, Joseph
Curtis, William
Curtis, William E.
Davis, Daniel
Davis, William
Dayton, Charles W.
Dick, Charles L.
Dimon, Arthur
Downes, Munroe D.
Downs, Oliver
Downs, Smith
Dunn, Hugh
Dunning, Edward A.
Edgett, Seneca
Edwards, Levi H.
Egan, James
Ellwood, Frederick
Ellwood, William
Evans, James
Evarts, George A.
Fairchild, Alpheus B.
Fairchild, Henry W.
Fairchild, Jerome B.
Fairchild, Lewis
Fairchild, Lewis H.
Fairchild, Reuben A.
Fairchild, Robert B.
Fairchild, Theodore B.
Fairman, Arthur
Faulkner, John
Flannery, Patrick
Foote, John G.
French, David R.
Gage, George R.
Gannon, John
Gilbert, Charles E.
Gilbert, Henry A.
Gilbert, Horace 
Gillette, David A.
Glover, Henry J.
Glover, Martin V.B.
Gordon, James
Gordon, William A.
Greene, John W.
Griffin, John
Groever, Paul
Guernsey, Truman
Hall, Henry C.
Hall, James P.
Hawley, Charles E.
Hawley, David B.
Hawley, George
Hawley, James
Hawley, William G.
Hayes, Dennis
Hickey, John
Hubbell, George S.
Hubbell, John P.
Hull, Andrew C.
Jackson, Henry J.
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Jacob
Johnson, Thomas
Jones, Charles
Jones, David W.
Jones, John
Kaine, Patrick
Kane, Daniel
Kane, James
Kane, John
Keenan, Michael
Kelly, Bernard
Kelly, James
Knapp, John S.
Lake, George
Lattin, John O.
Lewis, George H.
Lillis, Griffin P.
Lillis, John
Lillis, Martin
Lynch, Patrick
Manley, Henry T.
Matthews, Benjamin W.
May, Charles
McArthur, William L.
McMahon, Michael
McNerney, Thomas 
Merritt, Charles
Meyer, Fritz
Monson, Charles
Nash, Adelbert
Nichols, Beach
Nichols, Elijah B.
Nichols, Harmes L.
Nichols, Henry E.
Nichols, James
Northrop, Alpheus
O’Brien, David
O’Brien, Thomas
O’Halloran, Michael T.
Olmsted, Peter D.
Parker, James
Parsons, Charles M.
Payne, Charles H.
Payne, David S.
Peck, Albert W.
Peck, Austin L.
Peck, Chester D.
Peck, David M. 
Peck, John F.
Peck, Nelson J.
Peet, Benajah H.
Pete, Elijah S.
Peterson, Arlan
Peterson, Carl
Platt, Francis W.
Platt, Orlando M.
Ramsay, George W.
Reed, Hawley
Reicker, Edward
Rigby, Matthew
Riley, James
Roberts, Charles H.
Root, Nathan H.
Ryan, Michael
Sanford, Andrew W. 
Sanford, Julius
Schriver, Andrew
Seeley, Eli B.
Seeley, John D.
Shaughnessy, Lawrence
Shepard, Charles
Shepard, Charles S.
Shepard, Hall
Sheridan, James
Sherman, George H.
Sherman, Ira
Sherwood, Charles R.
Smith, Frederick E.
Smith, John
Smith, Pearl
Smith, William A.
Spencer, George H.
Spitzler, Gottlieb
Spring, Charles
Squire, Cyrenius N.
Squires, George D.
Stuart, Louis L.
Sullivan, James
Tappan, John
Tappan, Robert
Taylor, Ammon
Taylor, Milton C.
Taylor, Roswell
Tongue, Elam M.
Tongue, Hanford
Troy, Edward
Twitchell, Franklin S.
Tyrrell, Stephen
Urmston, Thomas D.
Walsh, John
Weed, Daniel B.
Weed, Joseph B.
Weible, Christian
Wenzel, Frederick
Wheeler, Cyrus W.
White, Joseph
Williams, George W.
Wood, Smith B.
Wooster, Charles 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Have You Heard of the Connecticut Military Census (WWI)?

Did you know that Connecticut conducted a "military census" during WWI? One of the people in my extended family tree filled out such a form. I've never seen it before, although Jim Sanders found two for his family just a few months ago. All men over the age of 16 had to answer this single-page questionnaire. I discovered that this ancestor could handle a team and drive an auto and a motorcycle, but he couldn't swim.

So here's what Connecticut asked: Can you do any of the following...
  • Ride a horse?
  • Handle a team?
  • Drive an automobile?
  • Ride a motorcycle?
  • Understand telegraphy?
  • Operate a wireless?
  • Any experience with a steam engine?
  • Any experience with electrical machinery?
  • Handle a boat, power or sail?
  • Any experience in simple coastwise navigation?
  • Any experience with high speed marine gasoline engines?
  • Are you a good swimmer?