Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Wordless (Almost) Wednesday: Rose's Graduation Photo from 1914

My great-aunt Rose Farkas (1901-1993) had her portrait taken 102 years ago by the family's usual photographer, Gustav Beldegreen.

The date is carefully scratched above the Beldegreen name: June 25, 1914. Rose was 13 at the time.

On the back, the caption says this is her graduation from middle school school. (The diploma was a tip-off too.)

If only I could thank the ancestor who wrote the caption (about five decades later, I believe) for thinking ahead to let future generations know the identity and significance of this lovely photo! And that's why this isn't an entirely wordless Wednesday--because my thoughtful ancestor wrote down who, when, and why.


Wendy said...

She reminds me of "Pollyanna." I bet they celebrated with ice cream and lemonade.

Elizabeth Handler said...

Lovely photo and it's great that someone labeled it! I have one from my husband's family and I can only guess as to who it is.

Marian B. Wood said...

Wendy, this is the only photo of my (many) great-aunts where the girl is carrying a basket of flowers. Very "Pollyanna" for sure.

Elizabeth, I am so thankful for the labels--the one on the front, which I'm certain was done right after the photo was delivered, and the caption on the back, written decades later.