Friday, July 3, 2015

Independence Day Ancestors

Moritz Farkas (1857-1936)
Happy 4th of July! Two ancestors on my mother's side have a connection to early July:

Moritz Farkas was born in Botpalad, Hungary on 3 July 1857 and died in 1936. Happy 158th birthday, Great-Grandpa.  

Sam Schwartz (original name: Simon Schwartz) was born in Ungvar, Hungary on 4 July 1883 (and died in 1954). Happy 132d birthday, Great-uncle Sam, older brother to my Grandpa Tivador Schwartz.


  1. Marian, don't you wish you could spend an afternoon with them & find out what their lives were like?

    1. Oh, Colleen, if only I could ask them about their decision to leave Hungary and journey to America . . . hear about their hopes and dreams . . . and learn more about their siblings and parents!