Monday, June 2, 2014

Mystery Monday: How Was Gloria Warren Related to the Roth Family?

Visiting with my Cuz J the other day, I learned that actress/singer Gloria Warren is somehow a cousin to Joseph Roth and his father, Bela Bernard Roth. Bela was affectionately known as "Uncle Bela" in my Farkas/Kunstler family, even though he was most definitely a cousin.

So how are we related to Gloria Warren?

According to the Delaware Historical Society, Gloria was born in Delaware in 1926 (IMDB says the date was April 7th, in Wilmington). Her birth name was Gloria M. Weiman. Her father Herman, a jeweler/watchmaker, was from Russia and her mother Julia was Hungarian (see the 1930 Census snippet, which includes sister June Violet, 3 years older). So far, that tallies with the Roth/Farkas background. We do have a Julia Roth in the family. Perhaps that's the connection? Another cousin has confirmed that Gloria was a relative to the Roths (and this gentleman briefly dated her, since the connection was distant!).

Gloria's breakout role was in the movie Always in My Heart, and she became a singing phenom with the title song. She married Peter Gold in 1946. She made a few more movies, and then settled down to family life, having a son and a daughter in California, where her husband was a successful businessman.

I'll keep looking for more about Gloria and the mysterious Roth connection.


  1. Marian, that's an interesting story. Maybe you have a connection to that lovely singer. Does anyone else in teh family have that talent?

    1. Colleen, others do have theatrical talent . . . and eventually I hope to uncover the family relationship between Gloria and the Roths and my family! Thanks for reading and commenting.