Mary A. Demarest's story

St. Gabriel Church in Plaquemine, LA, where Jane Ann Wood was baptized in 1847
How did hubby's great-grandma Mary Amanda Demarest (1831-1897) get from her birthplace of New York City to Plaquemine, Louisiana, where she married Thomas Haskell Wood (1809-1890) at the tender age of 14 (when he was 36)? This remarkable woman had a total of 17 children between 1846 and 1875!

Cousin Larry, the family genealogist, has spent decades (really) researching Mary Amanda. Although there's no verifiable evidence of exactly who her parents were, Larry believes Mary Amanda was the daughter of Henry E. Demarest (b. 1800), a mason in New York City, and Catherine Nitchie (or Nisky). Catherine's parents were possibly John Nitchie and Margaret Evertson Nitchie. Again, these are only hypotheses. More recent research has shown Mary Amanda possibly had a sister named Susan Jane Demarest.

Children of Mary Amanda Demarest Wood and Thomas Haskell Wood:
Jane Ann "Jennie" Wood, Thomas Jefferson Isaiah Haskell Wood, John Marshall Tabor Wood, Lucy Maria Kize Wood, William Henry White Wood, Alfred Olando Wood, Francis Ellery Wood, Lavatia Allen Wood, Joe Elemuel, Charles Augustus Wood, Rachel Ellen (Nellie) Wood, George Howard Wood, Marion Elton Wood, Mary Emma Wood, James Edgar Wood, Robert Orrin Wood, Leander Elkanah Wood

Mary and Thomas lived in Plaquemine, Iberville Parish, at the time of the 1850 Census...but nothing in the records (including marriage info) indicates the name of her parents. They were married on May 14, 1845, when she was two weeks short of her 14th birthday, by a Baptist preacher. Their first child, Jane "Jennie," was born on August 13, 1846, and baptized at St. Gabriel Church. 

By the time of the 1860 Census, the couple and their family lived in Cabell County, Virginia (now part of West Virginia). In 1870, they were relocated in Toledo, where their last 8 children were born and the couple themselves died.

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