Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sentimental Sunday - Family Song Traditions

Holidays have their own song traditions in my family tree. When the Farkas Family Tree used to gather (and we did gather during the past decade, at cousin Peter's house), we would sing our family song, loud and strong.

Here are the first stanza and chorus (song written by my great-aunt, Ella Farkas Lenney):

The Farkas clan has now all gathered
One and all are here
Time for all cares to be scattered
Faces bright and clear,
Jokes and puns and smiles and fun,
Are ready to begin,
The clan has gathered now!
Farkas, Farkas is the password.
Sing on high that it can be heard
That we all are here and now cheer:
The Farkas Family Tree!

The song goes on for two more stanzas, including married surnames of the Farkas sisters who came to America, plus married surnames of their children. The final stanza says: A proud family tree as the Farkas Clan grows on!

My sister and I and our families have a different song tradition. At the end of each family gathering (as long as our ace piano player, Andrea, is with us!), we gather around the piano and sing to "The Rose" (you know, popularized by Bette Midler). It's a roller-coaster song, mentioning downs and ups of life, but in the end, in the spring, the rose emerges. We sing it loud and try for harmony. Here's a YouTube with the song and words (NOT by us) if you want to sing along.

What are your family's song traditions?


  1. I want to be a Farkas! I've never heard of a family having its own song - beats all those family crests hands down.

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting...I've asked our family genealogist about who wrote the lyrics, but no answer yet. Happy holidays to you!