Help wanted: Are these family members or family friends?

Seeking names/dates...most likely related to the Farkas or Schwartz or Mahler families (possibly Burk/Berk/Birk or Weiss, Roth, Chazan):

#31 IDENTIFIED! Teddy Schwartz at left, brothers-in-law Milton Grossman and Alex Farkas.

#30: Dorothy & Daisy Schwartz in front row; their mom Minnie might be in center of top row. Other names?

#29: Lena Kunstler Farkas and a mystery lady (a cousin thinks maybe her daughter Minnie).

#28: From left, Minnie & Teddy Schwartz, possibly in Florida. Who are the other ladies?
#27: July, 1929. Teddy & Minnie Schwartz at top, son Fred in center foreground. Who else is in this photo?

#26 Teddy Schwartz standing at left. Who are the other folks?

#25: IDENTIFIED! Teddy Schwartz on left; his sis-in-law Jennie Farkas and bro-in-law Alex Farkas.

#24 NYC Identified: Tillie Jacobs Mahler 

#23 Probably taken in the 1940s. My Dad Harold Burk is at far right (with orange arrow) and his mother, Henrietta Mahler Burk is left of center seated at main table (orange arrow). Is this the Mahler family?

#22 Taken at Spachner & Berger studio, 12 Avenue B, Lower East Side of NYC

#21B, full group shot of guys surrounded by supplies. Is this WWI or just after? In US or abroad?

#21A Closeup of photo just above, guys holding paper money or scrip or a bond?

#20 Marked on back "WWI" in modern handwriting.

#19 Cigar and top coat, taken at Jacobs Studio, 1431 Broadway, BROOKLYN, NY

#18 Also 1920s, taken in Barenblatt Studio on Willis Ave. in NYC

#17 Probably early 1920s, taken on Claremont Parkway in the Bronx

#16 Photo taken at Beldegreen's on Avenue C, the Kossuth Society's regular photographer

#15 Zaza and Louis Waldman (related to??)

#14 Schwartz family? Cuz B says it's Teddy on the left and I agree, although another cousin isn't so sure.

#13 IDENTIFIED: Chazan family (Caption on back says "Mama")

#12 at NYC wedding of Daisy Schwartz & Harold Burk in Nov. 1946. Standing in back row: Tillie Jacobs Mahler, bride Daisy, Henrietta Mahler Burk, groom Harold, Sidney Burk & mystery lady. Seated are Mahler relatives: From right, Carrie Mahler (I think), Charlie Lang, Millie Lang, Dave Bourstein, Miriam Bourstein. Other names?
#11 IDENTIFIED Front row center, groom Harold Burk (son of Isaac Burk) and bride Daisy Schwartz. Behind groom is his mother, Henrietta Mahler Burk (widow of Isaac Burk). Far right in back, groom's brother, Sidney Burk. Taken in November, 1946 in New York City. All are Burk/Berk/Burke relatives.

#10 Inscribed on back: "Commemorating Katie Weisz" - Farkas relative?

#1 Taken in NYC at a Sol Young Studio

#2 Taken in NYC at a Sol Young Studio

#3 Taken in NYC at a Sol Young Studio

#4 Taken in NYC at a Sol Young Studio

#5 Taken in NYC at a Sol Young Studio
#6 Post card imprinted "New York Studio" Lakewood, NJ
#7 G. Beldegreen studio, 32 Ave. C, New York City
#8 B. Wolfson studio, 399 Grand St, NYC

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