Saturday, June 10, 2017

Sorting Saturday: Daisy's Decoupage

My mother (Daisy Schwartz Burk, 1919-1981) loved to crochet and embroider, and even did a bit of needlepoint and petit-point in her twenties.

But she never did any decoupage. Nope, even though I remember her showing off this unusual, personalized metal lunch box made into a special purse.

My Sis read my original post (in italics, below) and corrected my faulty memory. It seems back in the early 1970s or so, one of Mom's bosses had this one-of-a-kind decoupage purse made especially for her as a Christmas gift. While Mom admired it, the darn thing was heavy and a bit clunky. Maybe Mom never even used it, Sis says. My guess is she used it a couple of times when going to work, just so the boss could see that she appreciated his thoughtfulness.

My lesson learned: Always ask family before recording the history of a so-called heirloom.

Which brings up a question for Sis: If Mom never made this decoupage piece, why the heck do we still have it in our possession after all these decades?

MY ORIGINAL STORY, now debunked by Sis:

In her late 40s, she (Mom) became interested in the craze for decoupage and decided to create a purse from a black metal lunch box (the kind with a domed lid for a thermos).

Here's the result, featuring magazine pictures she liked, cut out, and added in painstaking layers. Mom would be happy to know how much her descendants treasure these hand-crafted items, now family heirlooms!


Dianne said...

Wow, I never would have thought to use a lunch box for a purse! It looks so transformed. What a treasure!

Marian B. Wood said...

Dianne, the decoupage lunch box/purse period was in the 1970s, and my mother had a lot of fun personalizing her very own version. Today it's "vintage"! Thanks for reading and commenting.

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Marian, that purse is delightful a treasure in man y ways, mostly because your mom is the creator. Family items are my favorite treasures.

Marian B. Wood said...

Colleen, you are so right that this lunch box is a family treasure! Thank you for leaving a comment.