Saturday, June 11, 2016

Sibling Saturday: The Twins and Their Matching Pearls

For decades, I've had a three-strand pearl bracelet with silver-backed clasp, too tiny for ordinary human wrists.

I knew it was inherited, but I had no other info. Which side of the family was it from? Who had worn it? No idea.

Until now. Yesterday, my sis "rediscovered" a photo of my mother and her twin sister, dressed in matching 1920s dresses for some occasion, with matching Buster Brown haircuts.

No names are on the back, so we don't know which one is Daisy Schwartz (1919-1981) and which is Dorothy Schwartz (1919-2001).

Nor do we know what the occasion was. They were born in winter, so these aren't birthday dresses.

Notice the sisters are wearing matching pearl necklaces and on one of the wrists, a slender three-strand pearl bracelet is visible. (See close-up of the wrist, below.)

Mystery solved: This bracelet must have been inherited from my mother or aunt, whose normal-sized adult wrists were too large for the tiny pearls. Of course the bracelet will be passed down in the family with the photo and the story! 


Michelle Ganus Taggart said...

Wow, your sister is very observative! It would be so easy to overlook her bracelet because of the position of the booklet. But what a fun discovery which makes that pearl bracelet every more of a treasure!

Marian B. Wood said...

Michelle, thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment! It was a fun and unexpected discovery. It also makes for a good story to write and tuck into the pouch with the pearls for the next generation :)

Anna Matthews said...

I was thinking the same thing, I never would have noticed the bracelet. Lovely photo, too. Great to have the two to go together.

Marian B. Wood said...

Thanks, Anna, for taking the time to read and comment! It is a really nice photo...which is why we wonder what the special occasion might have been. Sigh. At least we have the pearls and the photo to tell the story!

Leslie said...

Good eye finding that tiny bracelet!! It's so great to have the photo to go with the bracelet now.

Marian B. Wood said...

Leslie, I appreciate your comment. Having both the photo and the bracelet/necklace is a plus, I agree!

Heather Wilkinson Rojo said...

What a terrific story. I'm glad that the child's pearls survived all those years. I can't tell you how many times I have broken my pearls and have had them restrung!