Saturday, March 9, 2013

Surname Saturday: Searching for Slatter, Shehen, and Steiner

Steiner sisters of Wyandot County, Ohio
 On hubby's side of the family tree, I'm searching for these surnames:
  • Steiner. Jacob S. Steiner (1802? - ?) married Elizabeth UNK (1802-1864) and brought up a big family in Crawford, OH area. Jacob's granddaughter Floyda Mabel Steiner McClure (1878-1948), shown with her sisters Carrie, Minnie, Maggie, and Blanche in the studio photo above, is hubby's grandmom. I wrote about Floyda and Maggie here and more about the Steiner family is here.
  • Slatter. John Slatter Sr. was born in Oxfordshire in 1811, married his wife Sarah in 1832, and the last time I can find him in the UK census (with any certainty) is 1841. His children are Fanny, Thomas, John, Sarah, William, and Daniel, all born between 1833 and 1850. John Sr. is hubby's 2nd great-granddad. I summarized what I know about some of this family on the "John & Mary Slatter" tab at top of the blog. Someday I hope to get at least one generation back from John Sr.
  • Shehen. With St. Patty's Day just a week away, I'm thinking about John & Mary Shehen, hubby's 2d great-grandparents, both born in Ireland just after 1801. Their daughter Mary Shehen married John Slatter in 1859. Passing down given names from generation to generation makes it a challenge to keep 'em all straight and locate the right ancestors, I can tell you! Where in Ireland were the older John & Mary Shehen from? Who are their parents/siblings? How and why did they move from Ireland to England?

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