Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pappy sailed on the USS Niagara in 1920

Looking at US Census data for 1920, I believe my great-uncle "Pappy" Markell (the nickname used by some of my cousins) served on the USS Niagara, anchored in Mexico during the Census period of Feb. 1920. Thanks to the Naval Historical Center, and a friend with a great grasp of Google, I can post the following image of the Niagara, a yacht purchased by the Navy from Howard Gould of NYC.

Following WWI, the Niagara stayed in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean waters during early 1920s . . . when Pappy was on board. More about the USS Niagara on this informative Naval Warfare blog. Pappy was on back on shore for good, it seems, by 1921 when he married Sweetie.

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