52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

This page summarizes the ancestors, families, and stories I've profiled in 2014 as part of the yearlong genealogy challenge posed by Amy Johnson Crow.
  1. Cousin (?!) Ida Farkas Weiss (mentions Farkas, Weiss families)
  2. Sandor (Alex) Farkas from Botpalad (Farkas family)
  3. What Happened to Joe Jacobs? (Jacobs, Shuham families)
  4. Joseph and George Rinehart of Crawford Cty, OH (Steiner, Shank, Hilborn, Rinehart families)
  5. Where was Job Denning Sr. Born? (Denning, McClure, Donaldson, Burras)
  6. The Slatter Bros. Canadian Bandmasters (Slatter, Wilkinson, LeGallais)
  7. The Roth Family from NagyBereg (Roth, Kunstler, Farkas)
  8. Great Aunt Adelaide Mary Ann Slatter (Slatter, Wood, Baker, Wise, Nicholas)
  9. Brice S. Larimer, Elkhart Pioneer (Larimer, Bentley, Morgan, Smith, McClure)
  10. Typhoid Fever Fells Wm M. McClure (McClure)
  11. Uncle Sidney Burk Crosses the Border (Burk, Berk, Mahler)
  12. Barney, Esther, and Rose Markell (Markell, Lebowitz, Kodritch, Mahler)
  13. The Bentley Family, Oswego to Elkhart (Morgan, Bentley, Light, Larimer, Raymond, Shank, Curtis)
  14. Lt. Theodore W. McClure (McClure, Denning, Donaldson)
  15. The Roth Family, Entrepreneurs from Vasarosnameny, Hungary (Roth, Stern)
  16. Olivia Morgan, Pioneer Mom (Morgan, Bentley, Larimer, Light, Raymond, Curtis)
  17. Minnie Farkas Tosses Her Engagement Ring (Farkas, Schwartz, Kunstler)
  18. Who Else Is in John McClure's Family? (McClure, McFall, Moore)
  19. Mary Gallagher (or O'Gallagher) from Ireland to Pennsylvania (Gallagher, O'Gallagher, Larimer, McClure)
  20. Capt. John Slatter, "Dileas Gu Brath" (Slatter, Davidson)
  21. Isaac, John, and Robert Larimer, 1812 War Vets (Larimer, Work, Woods, LaMasters, Smith)
  22. Great-grandma Lena Kunstler Farkas (Farkas, Kunstler)
  23. Julius & Peter Farkas, Bachelor Bros. in WWI (Farkas)
  24. Sam "Born on July 4th" Gelbman & Anna Schwartz (Gelbman, Schwartz, Frish)
  25. Isaiah Wood & Harriet Taber of the "Little Compton" Wood Family (Wood, Taber, Demarest)
  26. Private Hugh Rinehart of Company I, 15th Ohio Volunteer Infantry (Rinehart, McBride, Shank)
  27. Joseph Roth and Julia Goodfried Roth, Naturalized 105 Years Ago (Roth, Goodfried, Gutfried, Kunstler, Farkas
  28. John Slatter, son of a cook at Christ Church College in Oxford (Slatter, Wood, Shehen
  29. Jennie Hartfield, cousin through Roth-Mandel-Farkas connection? (Hartfield, Roth, Mandel, Farkas
  30. Alfred Olando Wood, one of many Wood Brothers carpenters (Wood, Demarest
  31. Rose Lebowitz Markell, a beauty who died young. (Lebowitz, Mahler, Markell)
  32. Elizabeth Steiner, wife of Jacob S. Steiner--both are hubby's 2d great-grandparents. Her maiden name is a mystery. (Steiner
  33. Mary Shehen, born in London of Irish parents, marries John Slatter and has 6 children--where is Thomas John Slatter after the 1861 Census? (Slatter, Shehen, Shuttleworth)
  34. Rachel Shuham Jacobs, Granny to 13 and Great-Granny to 8 (Jacobs, Shuham, Mahler)  
  35. Abbie Eliza Bentley of Elkhart, IN, may have married in Cass County, MI because it was a Gretna Green (Bentley, Morgan, Curtis)
  36. Margaret Jane Larimer McClure stricken with grippe "until life became extinct" in May, 1913 (Larimer, McClure, Bentley, De Velde)
  37. Annie Hurwitch Birk/Burke, Manchester to Montreal after Marriage (Burke, Berk, Birk, Hurwitch, Chazan, Meton, Mahler
  38. Mayflower ancestors honored on Mayflower Day: Mary Norris, Isaac Allerton, Mary Allerton, Degory Priest (Norris, Allerton, Priest, Coombs, Cushman, Wood)  
  39. Great-Great-Grandma Margaret Shank or Shankland? (Shank, Shanklin, Shankland, Rinehart
  40. Second great-grand aunt Emma O. Larimer and her husband James Freeland leave Goshen, Indiana for the South Bronx - why? (Larimer, Freeland, Bentley
  41. Samuel Short, one of two dentist sons of farmer Thomas Short and Margaret Larimer (two other sons were doctors, two were farmers) (Larimer, McClure, Short, Clouse, Landon)
  42. John Larimer Haglind, cousin and "useful citizen" (Larimer, Haglind)
  43. James Larimer, 3d great-grand uncle and "of Pioneer stock" (Larimer, Work, Cornwell
  44. Edgar J. Wood, my father-in-law, plays piano in 1926 to pay for his trans-Atlantic passage with an All-American college jazz band touring Europe. (Wood)
  45. Wally, John, Teddy, Ed, and the 1917 Ford (Wood brothers, son of James E. Wood and Mary Slatter)
  46. Lojos the Tailor from Budafalu, Hungary (Mandel, Roth
  47. Smiles and tears for Mary Amanda Wood Carsten (Wood, Carsten, Demarest
  48. Louisa Austin McClure and Theodore Wilson McClure, Wabash Pioneers (McClure, Austin
  49. Smashing the brick wall of Hinda Chazan's maiden name (Chazan, Mitav, Birk)
  50. Ebenezer Larimer Junior, missing 4th great-grand-uncle? (Larimer, Gallagher, O'Gallagher
  51. Great-grand uncle Benjamin Steiner - born in Berks county, PA (Steiner, Harter, Coder, Stull
  52. My Schwartz family from Ungvar (Herman Schwartz and Hani Simonowitz Schwartz) (Schwartz, Simonowitz)

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